The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Is soliciting public input and comments on the draft update to their Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) known as Transportation Connection.  The policy plan will help shape the future of transportation in North Dakota over the next 25 years across all modes (roads, rail, aviation, bicycling, walking and drones) and help guide future decision-makers in delivering the transportation system residents and businesses need both today and tomorrow.

The North Dakota Alliance invites North Dakotans and those who frequent North Dakota roadways especially by bicycle, foot and transit to review the draft LRTP document. The twenty page draft document will, when finalized, be in place for five to ten years.

Does the Draft LRTP meet your expectations as a North Dakota bicyclist, pedestrian and/or transit user? Does the draft LRTP speak to active transportation in a way you believe is sufficient?

Please let the NDDOT know how well they have done making active transportation a relevant topic in the draft LRTP.

Please click here: NDDOT Draft LRTP Public Input.