The North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance is pleased to announce that Antonio Rosell, Director of Community Design Group, has accepted our invitation to serve as Advisor to our organization.

Antonio brings over twenty-five years of experience as a Civil Engineer and Urban Planner specializing in planning for people walking and biking in cities across the Midwest, including North Dakota.

We first met Antonio about two years ago, when he was providing pedestrian and bicycle planning services to NDDOT as part of Transportation Connection, the department’s new long-range transportation plan.

He helped to coordinate our work with DOT toward development of the first statewide walking and biking survey, which we conducted jointly with NDDOT in 2020, and provided advice and assistance in organizing our first statewide active Transportation Summit, which we held that same year.

In addition, he helped organize and presented at our recent “Deep Dive” webinar exploring the results obtained in the statewide survey, and is helping to organize (and will be a key presenter) at our upcoming Safe Routes to School webinar scheduled for June 8.

We are excited about the knowledge and experience Antonio will contribute to our organization while serving in this volunteer position, which will nicely align with and complement our organization’s trajectory and connection with North Dakota communities.

We are looking forward to ramping up our technical support to North Dakota communities with Antonio’s participation, including through recurring webinars as well as technical trainings oriented to North Dakota engineers and planners.

Join me in welcoming Antonio to our organization – we are excited to work with you over the coming months!