The North Dakota Bicycling and Walking Survey which was a part of the development of the Update to the North Dakota Long-Range Transportation Plan was a resounding success!  The Survey closed in mid-November of 2020 after being open for two months.  Initial thoughts were that we might see one hundred to two hundred respondents.  Ultimately, over eight hundred responded to the Survey.  This survey effort is a first of its kind in North Dakota.  The sheer number of people who responded gives me hope that the North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance can do good things in cooperation with the North Dakota Department of Transportation and the good people of North Dakota.  Final details of the Survey are being put together and the results of the Survey should be available in mid-February.

Thank you again for making this statewide active transportation survey a resounding success.  I’m looking forward to working with North Dakotans to make North Dakota an even better state in which to walk, bike and bus.


Justin Kristan

Executive Director, North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance