Make the Pledge - Not to Drive Distracted

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By signing your name to this form, you join us in the pledge to pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists on the road, and will Not Drive Distracted.

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Thank you for your commitment to safe transportation!

List of Pledgee’s

13 entries.
Connor O'Keefe from Fargo
kesehaatan from ina
Dave Leingang from Mandan
Jan Stankiewicz from Bismarck
Spencer Ulvestad from Bismarck
Kimberly C. Vasconez from Herndon, VA
Dave Kristan from Tolland
Sara Watson Curry from Moorhead, MN
Lisa Thompson from Mandan
Gail Mooney from Cummings
Justin Kristan from Fargo
Allen Thompson from Mandan, ND
Ryan Duffey from Bismarck