House Bill 1506 intends to remove the traditional DUI penalties for anyone riding a bicycle or a ridden animal (horse etc.). The thought is that if someone makes the effort to choose to ride a bicycle or animal to a local bar or restaurant that their driving record and insurance rates should not be affected in the same way as those who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

There is still a penalty for those who operate a bicycle or ride an animal while intoxicated to a degree that renders the individual a hazard to themselves or the general public. The fine is twenty dollars. There may be other fines and penalties that can be attached to this type of situation depending on the circumstances.

HB 1506 moved out of the House Transportation Committee on February 7, 2023 with a “Do Pass” recommendation then passed the House on February 10 with 78 yeas and 12 nays.

Bike Walk North Dakota has reviewed the bill and feels there may be some room for improvement. Bike Walk North Dakota will speak to the language relating to the imposition of the $20 fine at the Senate Transportation Committee hearing.

See HB 1506 – Actions | North Dakota Legislative Branch ( for more information.